Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Land Surveyor With Compass on Barcelona Street

Land Surveyor With Compass on Barcelona Street [enlarge]
Land surveyor measuring with compass on Barcelona street

Roaming the streets of Barcelona you can be pleasantly surprised by the most unusual scenes. Street photography sometimes is just about that, roaming and hoping for an unusual shot. You can take a series of pictures totally at random or you can found your subject and frame it with relative time. On this particular occasion, I did have time to compose and I was lucky enough to find something I like a lot, people working, doing their job. Here is a land surveyor, scrutinizing the distance and measuring with her compass. It is that kind of job you always wondered how the heck it works and what it is good for. If you are one of those that ever wondered that, maybe you can find out here: What is surveying or land surveying?

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