Saturday, September 22, 2012

Man Smoking at Barri Gotic, Barcelona

Man Smoking [enlarge]
Man Smoking
Capturing an instant is thrilling but a selfish act anyway. Although you are just being a witness documenting time and will not profit from the result, it is their life anyway and you were not supposed to be there opening that window for others to gossip. But we are humans, we are social, we want to know, we want to document our history and learn about the past or improve the way we experience our present. We have wonderful eyes, and the power of our tongue and our brain to transmit our message to our peers but with a camera we have the possibility to freeze that second that went by, that mysterious span of time that is no more as I am writing this post, gone, finito. Isn't it great? We can do magic and so we will go on being selfish on behalf of our curiosity. When you are approached by somebody with camera think a bit on that.

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