Sunday, April 10, 2011

Begging in the Streets of Barcelona

Beggar in Barcelona
Not everything is beautiful architecture, and hedonism in Barcelona. Maybe you looked the other way and you pretended not to see it but the problem is there and always comes back like a boomerang. We had precariousness before and we will have more and more every time. Democracy is a great idea but capitalism is not democracy. The power of the people does not have to be concentrated in the hands of a few, a few that wouldn't care less about precariousness. Yes, we have parliament, we have a voting system, we approve or disapprove, we raise or lower the thumb but too often we are just the mob in the coliseum. There are still too many emperors out there pulling the strings in the dark, feeding the lions with slaves, the needed people.


  1. Moving combination of photograph and text. How many people visit Barcelona and look at this aspect?