Sunday, March 27, 2011

Break Time

Break Time, Barcelona, Spain [enlarge]
Break Time
It is a well known cliche that in Spain from a group of say, five workers there is only one digging the hole while the rest is watching. I have to say that in part this is true although things are changing little by little. In working parties you always have categories, the foreman who is the most veteran and exempt from doing the hard work (he generally gives orders, inspects and at most, drives comfortably in a small bulldozer or a fork lift truck, the specialist, e.g a certified welder, well paid in general, and of course, concentrated in his delicate work and the laborer, el peón, that is, the one that digs the hole. And then, well, there can be some laborers watching other laborers while waiting for their turn to dig in shifts. But by any means, I want to say this is the general trend nowadays and of course laborers in Spain or abroad deserve all my respect because they are the motor of our economy and there is nothing more admiring that a worker. This image I took near Passeig de Gracia at the entrance to a construction site. Workers were obviously taken a break after a hard day's work.

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